Monday, November 3, 2014

Try Again

*blows dust off computer*

*blows again*

*one last time*

Remember me? I won't go into a long story of what I've been up to, where I've been and all that jazz, because face it, if you're still reading this, you probably don't even care, to be honest.

So I'll just say, I'm back; for a little or for a while. I've talked about how I missed my blog, how I miss writing and how I miss that outlet that provided space for me to get these thoughts out of my head and unto paper for others to maybe take a look at. It's something I've been thinking about for months now, and for whatever reason, the smell of burnt oil and frustration over my iPad that's been gone for almost a year now, has me propped up in bed and logging in, to tell the universe these Keenebral Komplexes.

Even though I said I won't go into details of what has happened in between, please know that I've stepped my #hashtag game up, I've been trying to keep up with the latest artists and lyrics, albeit many will probably be one hit wonders, and I'm at the point of wedding and baby fever, so I apologize in advance if you see random baby topics or cute wedding ideas sprinkled within my posts.

Anywho, it's officially Tuesday and there is no club going up - get it? #kneeslapper

I'll bid you adieu until next time.

Smoochis :-*

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Look At Me Now

I love my blog. I know I don't blog as often as I used to but, I have about 30 started, yet not completed, post. I jot down different ideas that pop into my head and add on to them as I see fit. I reread a few of my post and I look to where my mind was before and where it is now. While I've neglected my blog a bit, I attribute my absence, to my blog. I talk about doing things different and letting go and pushing myself to be a better me and hopefully you, and contrary to popular belief, I can't save the world behind my computer screen.

I want ya'll to know that I haven't been twiddling my thumbs and sleeping my life away. I've been getting out there. Traveling, trying new things, making plans, enhancing myself and adding onto my "komplex". Don't mean to be too cliche but *queue music* I've got a new attitude. If Martin had a dream and Obama wanted us to hope, I want to make sure we do. I've done a lot over my years, but I need some different goals and accomplishments. I don't want to look back at previous milestones to define my current being. Up-to-date goals should define an up-to-date me.

Long term goals, I have them. They're pretty good and I manipulate them ever so often, you know a good fine tuning. However, I can't say I see immediate, substantial results. For example, I definitely want to be a household name. I can achieve that through blogging and becoming a huge figure in that realm, maybe owning a fortune 500 company, inventing something or having people address me as Mrs. President -- any of the options work. While I definitely see myself as being a big deal, I don't think I'm reaching the numbers to have that happen within the year. If it does - YES! I say all of that to say, long term goals may take some time before they start showing any form of result and with the ones I've set, let's come back to those in a few years to see a leaf on the tree branch of life I've planted hehe.

Anywho, short term goals. I have plenty. There are a lot of things I want to do, see, experience and I'm just tackling them one by one. Why have a list of restaurants to go to, if I don't go? Why dream to have as many stamps on my passport as Jay-Z, if I don't travel? How do I expect to converse while in foreign countries if I don't pick up pick up new languages? I'm all for saving my money for some of my long term goals, but can I enjoy some of my compensation whilst I'm still in my prime? Yes, YES, YES! I've got a few purchases coming up that I am all too psyched about, some language plans in the works ( starting this friday to be exact, can we say HOLA ), travel excursions which will put me a couple of pages closer to a new passport and lastly, I've knocked a few notches off of my, things everyone else does and I should try, list -- snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, skiing, etc. I'm moving and shaking ladies and gents *insert goofy dance usually performed in the mirror with no one else around*

First quarter is coming to an end. How many people have kept up with their resolutions? Reaching those goals? Doing new things? Feel a little different? A little more pep in your step? Go out there and do it. Make those unimaginable things, imaginable. Put a time limit on the impossible. At the end of this post, think of something you want to do and do it. It doesn't have to be huge, but it has to be something. The first step is hard, the second, maybe harder, but the journey, memorable and almost definitely worth it.

Continue living so that your daydreams will be your past and your night dreams, I guess, will be your near future. You are your biggest obstacle, so MOVE... GET OUT THE WAY!

Smoochis :-*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do You Remember the Time

Hi, my name is Keena and I'm black. For those who didn't see my picture or read my first post, I'm a bunch of other things as well, but for now, I am just black.

I come to this post with a question -- What comes to mind when you think of February?

Valentine's Day, President's Day, Mid-Winter recess, Restaurant Week, Birthday's etc. Do you guys remember it's Black History Month? It is the coldest, shortest month, probably filled with the most activities and holidays to take away from it, but, it is still Black History Month.

I'm not using this post to drown you in black facts or talk about Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman or now, Barack Obama. Nor will I intentionally bash our race and say we're a bunch of do nothings. I just want you to take a moment and reflect on a few things. If January is when everyone makes resolutions and takes a look at where they've come from to where they're going, can we use February as a month for Blacks, African-Americans, or whatever title you use to address yourself, to look on the achievements of our people and renew our sense of being?

It's not a time for us to walk around thinking arrogantly, "YEA, THIS IS MY MONTH, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY", but to own this month and realize that we're standing on the backs of our ancestors who made ALL of this, whether it be good or not so good, because 9x out of 10, it's not half as bad as it was, possible. After we've looked back, we need to do something. Make a difference, if not in the lives of everyone, at least ourselves. There is nothing wrong with making yourself a better person.

I'm a member of an organization that puts on events every February focusing on the uplifting on the black community. There are forums around branding yourself within a company, gaining knowledge on housing and buying your own house, health concerns, the law and how it plays in our every day lives, job fairs, community outreach and even cultural events that display our talents as a people. The events thrown are for almost everyone to partake in. The members who put on these events have full time jobs and putting this together is completely voluntary. I love this; I live for this -- divinely altruistic. Working diligently to see something come into fruition that has no direct benefit to you but to others, speaks volumes about your character. I'm sure there are events and programs that happen yearly, similar to the ones mentioned above. We need to take advantage of this free information. I want people to get sick of black people always trying to learn something new or be better than someone :)

I love to see my people doing well and doing different things. I always look to see if there's a little black girl in the ballet shows or a black family on a cruise ship. Seeing my people at formal events, dressed to the nines, plasters a smile on my face every time. Let me be clear, it isn't because I do not think we can do these things or get to these places, that is far from it, but often times, we just don't. It could be that given our history and the need or desire to do well and perform, we sometimes don't venture out enough to get a feel for other things. In college, we don't major in art history or take glass blowing class, we have a concrete major that can potentially land us a job. We went to college to learn, not to explore life's opportunities, per say. I went to a college where the girl sitting directly across from me, traveled to the places that I only read about or saw in movies. I saw Van Gogh's works, she walked past them. That always trips me out because I have that inner traveler, adventure seeker in me, but some unknown force is holding me back -- I'm still trying to figure out what it is.

All in all, I want us to venture out. Instead of taking the annual vacation to Disney or California, save a bit more and go to Paris or an island. Visit a couple of museums, take a few risks, learn a new skill or talent, brush up on your old skills or talents and break the mold. If there's one thing I don't want to be, it's predictable.

Talking about black people and being serious about it, is usually a sensitive topic. I can't please everyone and I doubt everyone will agree with what I said -- I'll love you all the same. I love being black and I love my black people, but I've seen some things that make me think we still have a ways to go.

Short, sweet & to the point -- kinda like me.

Smoochis :-*

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cornbread, Grits and Collard Greens

*burp* I'm FULL!!!!!!!!!

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived. No, not Christmas, I've blogged about that. Not my birthday,  I will blog about that, I don't care how long ago it was. It's Restaurant Week in NYC. This is a time where some of NYC's best restaurants open their doors to eager people, like myself, to get a feel of their restaurant, the service and food they offer, for the low, low prices of $24.07 (lunch) or $35 (dinner) *tax, tip & drinks not included -- Saturday's not included*

As soon as I found out Restaurant Week was approaching, I put the word out to a few people and dates were scheduled with either team members, good friends and family or for celebratory reasons. I love trying new foods and restaurants; if no one wanted to come with me, I'd happily go by myself. I went to a total of seven restaurants and I had a great time. What type of person would I be if I didn't pass along my own opinions and recommendations about the places I visited. Take a gander.

1. Capital Grille: 155 E. 42nd Street between Lex & 3rd.
If I had to choose one word for this restaurant, it'd be classy. Before stepping in, you are blown away by the sheer architecture of the restaurant. The hostess, smiling brightly, asking if you had a reservation and if you'd like to check your coat, distracts you from the dim, mood setting lighting in the restaurant. While being escorted to our cozy table, tucked away by the windows, we pass the open kitchen, as the chefs prepare the food for the evening. If I remember correctly, I had the Caesar Salad, with fresh cracked pepper as an appetizer, the salmon as my entree and for dessert -- creme brulee.  Seeing creme brulee already sold me on the restaurant, but their crisp Caesar, perfectly cooked Salmon, and good to the last drop dessert, makes this restaurant an easy go-to place. Yes, it is quite expensive, but go with a few folks and order some appetizers, you'll be just as pleased. I give this restaurant 4.5 stars.

2. Chinatown Brasserie: 380 Lafayette Street between E. 4th & 5th
This restaurant definitely had the look and offered a wonderfully delicious lobster dish. Give me a few sentences just to talk about the lobster. It was broken up in pieces and covered in this marvelous, slightly creamy sauce and when I say it melted in your MOUTH!? I hope I don't sound like a blob, but food just gets me excited. This restaurant offered two small dishes before the appetizer and dessert. I went with my sisters and we tasted each others food. The filet mignon was just as succulent as the lobster, and the ribs, although laced with fat, where YUMMM. I didn't quite like the dumplings. Textures are big to me and the dough tasted too filmy, probably because it was so thin and the steaming was intense; I wasn't a fan. I also wasn't happy that the restaurant didn't have the first two drinks we ordered -_-. I know things happen, but I wouldn't want it to happen during Restaurant Week. Lastly, before I forget, I had a quasi warm donut dessert and thought small, packed a huge amount of flavor and happiness. When greeted with our damages for the night, we were served chocolate fortune cookies. I'm not sure if I'd go here to kick it with the girls, or as a first date option, but it is definitely a good enough restaurant to venture to. The ambiance is nice and there is a nice lounge off to the side as you walk in. Pretty crampy, so pack light. I give this restaurant 4 stars.

3. Shelley's Big City: 41st W. 57th Street between 5th & 6th
This was probably the coziest restaurant I went to. I expected it to be much more upscale and look the part of a top NYC restaurant, but it looked more like a quaint get together spot. Although I wasn't thoroughly impressed with the looks of the restaurant, all of my fears were swept away when they placed the basket of bread goodness in front of me. It was a focaccia bread topped with caramelized onions and glazed with olive oil and a pinch of salt; the epitome of bread heaven! If I could get away with sitting there eating bread and drinking water -- don't tempt me. I opted for the caesar salad as my appetizer and even though you can't really mess up a caesar, it wasn't the best one I've ever had. I went for the salmon as an entree, with a potato basil puree which was quite tasty and colorful -- presentation is always a plus for me. This was followed by their gelato for dessert, which was yummy. Outside of the bread, nothing really stood out to me about this restaurant. Overall the food was good and the service was quite pleasant, I'd probably go here if I were in the area with a few friends and we wanted to catch up over coffee and bread -- hold the coffee. I give this restaurant 3.5 stars.

4. The Hurricane Club: 360 Park Ave S. between 25th & 26th
Zoom! Bang! Wow! This restaurant is definitely the cats meow! It hurts my heart to share this gem of a restaurant because I want to keep it to myself and the person I went with, but I must do my civic duty and share it with the world. I will confess that I didn't catch the restaurant week menu, so I didn't get the appetizer, entree, dessert fix, but I am completely ok with that. I ordered the Fred Flintstone Rib. That isn't the actual name, however, it was gigantic, like the food Fred Flintstone ate and it as big enough to share with two, although I said rib, singular. My friend order the golden chicken with a mango dipping sauce and it actually glowed golden. We shared a side of chicken pad thai, which was actually rice instead of the noodles but I didn't care because it was so good -- every forkful. The ambiance, the impeccable service and the breath of knowledge they offered their guest about the menu, their chef and the food, was impressing. I would come here on a date, afterwork for drinks, catching up with the girls or to treat myself after a long week; I don't really need a reason. I give this restaurant 5 stars!

5. Fireside: 21 E. 52nd Street between Madison & 5th
The only thing the restaurant was missing was a piano in the background of the conversation. Located inside of a hotel, the restaurant was very modern. The service was good and I loved the seating: a comfy, cozy chair that I could potentially put in my living. We shared the tacos and french onion soup dumplings for the appetizer, the pesto chicken and steak for the entree and molten chocolate cake and warm apple tart for dessert. I don't know if my stomach was revolting at this point but nothing about the food jumped out at me. I loved my dessert, then again, I'm a big dessert person, and the chicken wasn't bad, but it didn't knock it out of the park. The person I went with enjoyed the food so this is just my humble opinion. The ambiance was very relaxing and there was just something about it that made me always remember, yea, we're in a hotel. Not horrible, but not great. I give this restaurant 3 stars.

6. The Sea Grill:
Very swanky, but the food I had, not worth it. The food sounded appetizing: sweet potato bisque with lobster and coconut royale, rigatoni pasta with lamb bolognese, a world renowned crab cake, and an apple tart of sorts - Yum. What I received, not so much. My friend liked the soup, but it wasn't what I expected, which was lumps of crab meat in a sweet creamy sweet potato puree with hints of coconut in the background ( Maybe I'll just make that myself ). The crab cake, yes one, for the low, low additional price of $12, was a juicy, lumpy, no fillers, golden brown breaded deliciousness. The pasta was tasty as well, but I could hardly tell what was what in the bowl besides the pasta and lamb. While I am a big fan of dessert and you can't really go wrong with an apple tart, I just think my overall lack luster for the restaurant as a whole, made me feel blah about dessert as well. If you like watching people skate and falling during your meal, fancy ambiance, delicious crab cakes and strange items in your lobster bisque, this is the place for you. Unfortunately, it doesn't top my list of favorite restaurants. I give this restaurant 3 stars.

7. Nuela:
Sorry folks and Nuela if you choose to take my review to heart, but I am not a fan. I came in with high expectations: Well seasoned, huge portioned, Latin American food. We even agreed to go on Saturday, knowing that we wouldn't get the Restaurant Week deal. We ordered the oxtail and pork and rock shrimp empanadas as an appetizer. It was good but thank the heavens there were only 3 of us, because there were only 3 of each. The meat was well seasoned, but it was slightly dry. For an entree, we ordered the brown sugar crusted salmon and my cousin had the strip steak. -_____________-. My cousin's steak looked like a beef, chicken tender and our salmon looked like a taste testing. Check please! No dessert menu, coffee or tea, just hand me the check. The little bit of food I had was tasty, but I couldn't get used to the flavor because it was gone in the blink of an eye and I couldn't fully enjoy the ambiance because we were in and out in 30 minutes flat. I wasn't too pleased with this restaurant, partially because I had such high expectations and partially because we had to pick up food on the way home to get rid of the hunger pains. They did have a pretty good Columbian white wine and the taste testings of an entree were flavorful. I give this restaurant 2.5 stars.

What makes for a good restaurant week is having an open mind. Don't just go to the steak houses because you're used to the food nor do you just go to the places in your area. Open up the list of restaurants, browse the menus, and check the reviews. It's almost a full time job and it's fun.

I just gave my personal opinions on these restaurants, however, the choice is yours and yours alone. Restaurant Week has been extended to February 27th, so get out there! Eat, drink & be merry -- On a budget :-)

Smoochis :-*

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trading Places

Have you ever seen a gorgeous guy at the store and instead of approaching him, you positioned yourself to always be in sight so he could ask you a question?
Ever had an opportunity on the job pass you by because you figured it would happen for you, instead of just making it happen?
Rather have a staring contest with the cute guy at the bar, waiting for him to come over, instead of asking him to dance?

* In my best Laurence Fishburne voice at the end of School Daze*

How many good dates, potential boyfriends or future husbands have we missed out on, because we didn't want to say hello first? How many job offers, pay raises, promotions or travel options have we missed out on because no one knew we were interested? A closed mouth doesn't get a fed. Had I approached Reggie Bush that one time I saw him in Soho, we would have been living happily ever after -- Ok, that didn't really happen, but a girl can dream can't she?

On work and job opportunities -- Always ask questions. Do you know where you stand? Do you have outlined goals and objectives? Are you meeting them? Are they being tracked anywhere? A lot of us are working and we don't even know how good of a job, or lack thereof, we are doing. Set up meetings with your manager to track your progress. If your manager knows that you are interested in your development, it makes your manager more interested in developing you.

Promotions are made at the bar. I do not take this in the literal sense meaning that you have to drink your life away in order to climb the corporate ladder, but over alcohol, people tend to open up more and speak their mind, instead of being so reserved, meaning speak your mind and don't just listen. While your manager outlines your goals, come to the meeting with goals you have as well. If you want to be promoted, make sure the outline includes the steps you need to take to make that happen. If you want to go abroad, make sure it is known and you would like to bring it into fruition; ask your manager for assistance. A manager should be just as interested in your success and happiness as you are.

On relationships -- You better get that man! Sure be selective and don't necessarily try to get the number of every cute guy you see, but don't be afraid to approach him. Worst case scenario, he isn't interested. *snaps fingers* drats. We need to get comfortable with the approach. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't easy for men so you don't have to automatically assume that it'll be easy for you. The first time we try many things, we may not know what to expect, but over time it'll get easier. I'm all for a man being a man and courting, but it's time for a woman to be a woman as well. While you can define that any way you wish, I ask that you put in that clause that sitting back and waiting, not be an option.

Batting our eyes and doing seductive poses is going to last but for so long. Pretty walks up and down the block everyday, we need to do something to stand out. The best way to stand out is to make the first move. We know how good it feels when a guy approaches us and lays down, what may be, his best pick-up line ever. Even if it isn't good, he gets credit for trying. So, ladies, think of your best pick-up line and try it out, even if it's a simple hello. It may be difficult, but you tried. Most importantly, he knows you're interested. Maybe later on he may try to talk to you, you know that male ego thing, but now he knows the interest is mutual so it may boost his confidence a bit.

This is definitely a generalization and if it applies to you, you will know: As women, we tend to take what is given to us, rather than go for what we want. Why? Why do we always wait for the offer instead of grabbing the opportunity? There is no real reason besides the fact that we may be accustomed to it and we are used to being the lady in waiting. We do not want to come across as aggressive when we're just trying to be assertive. There will be risks in life and we have to figure out which ones are worth taking. If you ask me, standing up for what you want is a good one to take.

Break the mold. Go after that promotion. Start that conversation. A calendar invite or a simple hello can be the beginnings of a new life.

Smoochis :-*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can You Handle It?

" If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all "

My birthday was 10 days ago and if this is a precursor to the year, I'm going to have to claim 2012 starting TODAY -- I know, the new year just started but nobody knows the trouble I've seen lol. I went through a down and out stage where my desire to be happy was lacking and my passions were in jeopardy. I didn't have a complete idea to blog about, a recipe in my head or a song in my heart. I wasn't who I usually am and I was hiding behind a mask that grinned and lied. Fortunately, my wake-up call came through to deliver a simple message: Trouble Don't Last Always.

The ability to change our mood relies on ourselves and it's our choice to change it. It's becoming way to easy and acceptable to drown in our sorrows. We want pity parties, even though we proclaim we don't, and we want to bask in the misery because someone is always ready and willing to feel our pain and keep us company. Sure, it's a great excuse to eat a pint of vanilla ice cream in one sitting and shop 'til we drop, but like most actions brought about by emotions, we will probably regret it later. So, to my sorrows and misery of the new year, I have one simple message for you: Thank you.

Strange right? Here me out. I spent so much time dwelling on how upset I was and how things weren't working out the way I wanted them to, I didn't appreciate the things I already had that were working so well. I was so determined to keep something that didn't want to be kept, I almost lost something that never second guessed it's position. I had to check myself -- I have other options, I will live without certain things and whatever I'm going through won't last forever. I can be happy for sunshine, because I've seen rain and snow, but that's a different story. * Get it together Mother Nature *

I'm still trying to keep to my new year's resolution and stay happy no matter what. Materialistic things, love and others may make us happier, but we need to be able to be happy without them. If we get to the point where the joy we have didn't come from worldly things, then worldly things can't take it away. Deep right? I'll say it again, slightly different -- If the joy you have doesn't come from the world, how can the world take it from you? ** snaps fingers ** If we were stripped of it all, do we slump into depression or do we adjust to the blow and rebuild?

The sequence of the event:
Something happens --> We elicit an emotion --> Time passes --> We move on.

I'm not naive enough to say it's as simple as my diagram. I'm also not naive enough to say that we will get over everything because unfortunately, there are events in our lives that leave everlasting scars. I am, however, confident enough to say that if we are lucky enough to not be in one of those situations, work feverishly to move on. Being sad or troubled is a horrible feeling. Time heals and we can assist in the process by packing the bags of our sorrow and leaving them by the door; we don't need it lagging around and looking for remnants of left behind memories. Instead of staying in your favorite spot on the couch, snag a friend to go out for dinner or drinks. Instead of going straight home, catch a movie. If you have to go home, watch t.v. for a bit or call a friend.

If you are in this situation, do this. If you know of someone who may be suffocating because of the different issues hogging their air, revive them with a trip to the nail salon; you don't necessarily have to pay. Idle minds are the devil's playground -- the more we sit around doing nothing, we're going to think of all of the reasons we have to be sad and it becomes overwhelming.

Just so I don't receive numerous messages and phone calls from people after reading this post, I am ok. I just had tons of life events hit me at once that tried to dim my light. I share this with you because we all hit road blocks that try to steer us from our path or get distracted from our ultimate goal, focusing on the minute along our road to bigger things. It's not the end of the world, but it can feel that way. Write, cook, run, do something. Just remember, when you're down, you can only go up.

For those who don't know me outside of my posts, I think I'm an unusually happy and pleasant person. I have things that ruffle my feathers and grind my gears, but it's rare to catch me without a smile. I try to be the best me that I can be, because honestly, I am the only one that can do it. I try to stay positive and lead by example, but everyday is a learning experience and I'm growing as the days pass. I love who I was, I love who I am and I have this uncanny feeling that I am going to love who I will become.

Life snuck up on me. I dwelled on it, went out a few times, cooked a good meal with the music blaring in the background and blogged. What are you going to do?

Smoochis :-*

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Teach You A Lesson

Happy New Year!

*Grabs popcorn* So, what'd you do?! Did you spend the time getting dressed, going out and partying? What's worse, the pain or the hangover? Did you go to 42nd street to watch the ball drop? When the clock struck 12, did you kiss that special someone? Are you the lucky one whose boyfriend popped the question? If you were me, your New Year is full of traditions. It can be any of the above, or it can be cleaning house, mentally and physically. Physically, my family is cleaning from top to bottom. We mop, sweep, change our bedding, do all of the laundry in the house, eat our collard greens, black-eyed peas and fried chicken, make sure there are no dishes in the sink by 11, no garbage in the bin after 11:30, and everyone is showered with money in hand, sitting in front of the tv by 11:45. We bring in the year with our family, sparkling cider and cell phones. If you ask me, it's a good time.

Mentally, we all make resolutions, whether or not we stick to them is a different story. Some may argue that we shouldn't wait until January to make resolutions, while I agree, I also ask, what better time than January? January is a time of evaluating and it symbolizes new beginnings. The Roman god, Janus ( Janus... January -- definite relation ), is the god of gates, doorways, beginnings and endings. Pictures of this god usually show him as having two faces, facing opposite directions -- glancing at the past and looking forward to the future.

As the saying goes, you can't know where you're going, if you don't know where you've come from. I've come from good times, however, I've seen some downers. We've all had trials, tribulations, and sorrow, but if you're reading this, you've made it through. I'd like to think that the hope we all restore in our lives for change when the new year comes around, helps us do this. January is a point of evolution and I encourage you to take a look back and come up with a few things you'd like to do differently. They don't have to be very specific but you have to set some goals.

After doing some evaluating and hearing a good word, 2011 will be my year of love and forgiveness. Contrary to popular belief, we aren't put on the earth to be miserable, but to find joy. We have to make time for the things and people we love. People always say time is money, but, in reality, time is more valuable. You can always make more money, but you can't get time back. Use this time to spend with people that matter and doing things that make you happy. Let your hair down, stop and smell the roses, laugh a little longer and take the language class you thought you didn't have time for.  If you're creative and want to do something with it, explore the option. Our days on Earth are numbered, so make the most of them while you can. No, don't quit your job just yet, but hone your talents. We all have them, but we've never taken the time to use them to their fullest potential.

Our rearview mirror on life is full of different things and we have to build a bridge and get over it. Easier said than done, but if we live our present life, over the history of yesterday and not for the mystery of tomorrow, we're not really living. Living our life full of regret and the past ill-doings of others, won't enable progression. If you argued with a close friend last year, make the decision to leave the argument or the friend, in 2010. If you're beating yourself up about something you did in the past, start a new and try not to make it again. Really, that was SO last year. If I do nothing else, I just want to live wisely; I want to make every day count. I can't take a proper step forward, if I'm looking at my tracks. We may not lose the 25 lbs we aim for every year nor may we save the amount of money we'd like, but it's ok. As long as we make the smart decision that'll make us happy, I think we'll stay afloat.

I'm going to share a few isms I've picked up for the new year. I'll give 11, since it seems fitting :) Apply them as you see fit:

1. Smiling changes your mood. Try it. If it doesn't work the first time, keep trying until it does.
2. If you're not satisfied with your past, change it; it can be that easy.
3. If you have a choice between being right and being kind, be kind.
4. Even though it may be true, it may not need to be said. If you don't say it, you won't have to apologize.
5. Don't deliberately hurt people.
6. You can have everything you want, you just can't have it all at the same time.
7. Pick your battles wisely; you'll find that some shouldn't be fought. The greatest victory is the battle that never happened.
8. Be careful not to expect from others what they don't have in them to give you.
9. Some people come in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime; bundle accordingly.
10. Tell someone you love, you love them.
11. Schedule me time.

January is a great month, it's the month of my birthday ( Go Capricorns! ) and a time of transition. We're given 365 days, on leap years, 366, to do anything we desire; make the hyphen between our beginning and our end mean something. So use this time wisely to love and be forgiving to those in your path; a heavy heart is a complete drag.

Smoochis :-*